Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where the End of February Finds Us..

Life in general: not much has changed, things are still hard. But Erik keeps reminding me that nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Work: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job. It may not pay that great, and it may not have any benefits, but I love what I do. :) I actually wake up looking forward to my day (well.. most days but I'm not perfect).

Home: Over the winter we did a few DYI fixer-up-er projects. We installed 6 very large wall to wall shelves in the living room (to be stained in the spring). We put up curtains in all the rooms, and got a new (albeit 2nd hand) futon/couch.

Joshua: He is not a baby anymore, he is a little person. He doesn't just say words anymore he has conversations. He doesn't take steps, he runs with purpose. He doesn't just stare at his toys because they are colorfull, I've actually caught him pretending and making up games to play (granted it only lasts about... 5 min. max at a time but he isn't 2 yet!). His 18month checkup showed he is healthy, well above average in height, doing well developmentally and he took his shots like a CHAMP not even a whimper :D The thing that impresses me the most is that he has developed such a personality. How much he has changed from the (not so tiny @ 9lbs 6ozs) bundle on day 1 to now at 20months! Only one thing has remained constant... his lack of desire to sleep LOL! <3

Family in general: Biggest development? "Cousin Shoshy" is now ENGAGED to "soon-to-be-cousin Joe" lol

Wedding Plans: Still waiting on Erik to get a copy of his divorce papers from the Town Clerk.... However we did find and hire an officiant we really like for the wedding! His name is Rev. Dennis and he is an interfaith reverend. For a fairly reasonable price he will be preforming our ceremony however we desire (just as soon as I drop off the deposit) lol. Additionally I JUST got off the phone with Town Hall, our reservation for the park has been confirmed, and they are mailing us all the final paperwork for our official permit ^_^! The park will be ours for 7hours if we choose to want them all :)!

And, finally, a picture :)

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